How to Keep Porta Potty From Smelling

how to keep porta potty from smelling

Here are some ways to prevent your porta potty from smelling. First, consider the touch points that are the most commonly touched areas. Touch points in porta potties include the toilet paper holder, door handle, and hand sanitizer dispenser. Getting these parts clean is essential for keeping them sanitary. The best way to do this is to wear rubber gloves and use a strong cleaning agent. Another option is to use a rag folded in fourths.

Using deodorizing disks will help you get rid of the stinkiest smells and last a week. If you’re not going to be able to keep the smell in your portable toilet, consider using an aerosol freshening spray. These sprays will quickly eliminate the smell, which can be particularly annoying when you’re at a festival or event. Using a fragrance boost spray on your porta potty will also help you get rid of bacteria that cause the smell.

If possible, make sure that the porta potty’s door remains open for at least 30 minutes. Opening the door is especially useful if the porta potty is not used much. It will give more privacy to the next user and will also make them feel more comfortable using it. However, you’ll need to keep the door open if it won’t be used for a while.

To prevent your porta potty from smelling, you need to make sure it is clean and free from moisture. The blue dye is used up and can mix with yellow “stuff.” To avoid this problem, you’ll want to clean the potty and refresh the chemicals. Try using a deodorant that contains a non-staining dye aid and is suitable for use on porta potties.

Proper ventilation is also important to avoid porta potties from smelling. Porta potties usually have air vents near the top, but these are rarely sufficient, especially during hot summer months. Moreover, closed doors don’t allow odors to escape. If possible, leave the doors open for 30 minutes before closing them to eliminate odor. Alternatively, you can buy standard air fresheners and place them outside of the porta potty.

Ensure you keep your porta potty clean on a daily basis. Porta potties can accumulate an unpleasant smell, so you must make sure that you stock the right number of restrooms. One porta potty may be sufficient for a small event, while another may need several. Adding several restrooms to your site will keep the lines short and odor levels low. If you’re holding a construction site, consider renting a tent in order to maintain cleanliness and sanitary conditions.

In addition to regular cleaning, you can also use a deodorizer in the porta potty tank to minimize odor. The blue liquid contains biocides that kill bacteria and reduce odors. Surfactants in the chemical help it work in water and mask odors, making the porta potty a more pleasant place to visit. Once you’ve disinfected the porta potty, consider purchasing a biocide deodorizing product.

If you’d rather not use a chemical cleaner, you can use dryer sheets. These wipes can be soaked in a detergent, such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Tub & Tile Lavender Spray. Once the wipe is dry, you can dispose of the container with the dryer sheets. For a more complete cleaning, you can use a putty knife and a few paper towels.

To avoid the stink of a porta potty, make sure it is well stocked. Toilet paper rolls and sanitizer should be regularly refilled. You should also wipe down all surfaces and refill any supplies you might have run out. Cleaning tablets and hand sanitizer should also be regularly replenished. If you need regular shipments of these products, you can request this from your sanitation service provider.