How to Keep a Porta Potty From Smelling

While it might seem like an impossible task to maintain a porta potty without it smelling, there are ways to keep them smelling fresh. One way to keep your porta potty smelling fresh is to wipe down all surfaces to remove any odors. Make sure to keep all toilet paper rolls and sanitizer supplies replenished. Lastly, you should check the water tanks, soap dispenser, and garbage cans regularly.

The most common culprits in foul smells come from the parts of the porta potty that people touch. The door handle, toilet paper holder, and hand sanitizer dispenser are all areas that are frequently touched by people. When cleaning porta potties, it’s essential to concentrate on these contact points to prevent bacteria from spreading. You can do this by wearing rubber gloves and using a strong cleaning product that kills germs. To avoid touching the odor-causing areas, simply use a rag folded into fourths.

Another common culprit in foul smells is insufficient ventilation. Even though most porta potties have air vents near the top, these are often not enough during hot summer months. Additionally, when porta potties are closed, the smell can linger for hours. To reduce the smell, open the doors for half an hour. This will allow the smell to dissipate into the surrounding air.

One of the most effective ways to combat foul smells is to disinfect the porta potty tank. The blue liquid found inside is a biocide agent that kills bacteria and germs that cause foul smells. This antimicrobial fog disinfects all interior surfaces and eliminates odor-causing bacteria. You can also use dry toss deodorizer packets that offer biocide action and long-lasting fragrance.

You can also buy or rent a luxury porta potty. Luxury versions of portable restrooms have luxurious amenities like a sink and running water. The bathroom experience will be a more comfortable one if you are using a luxury porta potty. If you’re renting a porta potty, look for luxury ones that come with toilet paper and other amenities. The added extras will ensure a pleasant smelling portable toilet.

The chemistry of porta potty chemicals has a major impact on the effectiveness of deodorizers. Warmer temperatures create an ideal environment for bacterial reproduction and offensive odors. Therefore, technicians adjust the chemical ratio to the water so as to counteract the effects of the warmer temperatures. By doing this, the porta potty remains odor-free for a longer time.

Smudging is another way to prevent portable toilets from smelling. Smudging is a method that helps kill germs in the area around the portable toilet. You can purchase smudge sticks or make your own by collecting a bunch of herbs and stems and tying them together like roasts. After making the smudge sticks, you should let them dry in a dark place. Then, you can use them.

You can also clean the portable toilet by pouring a few cups of white vinegar into the tank after every flush. This will help break up gunk and sludge. This will not only remove any odors but will also make the area look brighter. The white vinegar is especially useful when it comes to keeping porta potty tanks clean. If you don’t have time to clean your porta potty, you can simply ask your portable restroom trailer rental company to empty it for you.

Another easy way to prevent porta potties from smelling is to offer plenty of restrooms. Large events may require multiple restrooms and require multiple services, but small events might need just a single or a pair of them. Providing a variety of restrooms helps keep the smell level down and the lines short. The smells will eventually go away but you can mitigate the problem by providing enough units.