How Much is a Used Porta Potty?

How much is a used porta potty

The price of a used porta potty will vary depending on where it is located and the circumstances that caused its use. Some companies will include fees for waste-handling, extra travel, and cleaning and maintenance. Additional fees for overtime and maintenance are also common. Rental companies are more likely to increase their prices if they are handling an emergency situation. Rentals for events that will be occurring for several days will cost more than those that are booked ahead of time.

Although purchasing a new porta potty offers the highest quality, diligent shoppers can find a similar unit for less money. If you plan to purchase a porta john for a long time, you should check out JohnTalk Classifieds, Pumper Magazine, and PRO Monthly to find a great deal. Also, consider Craigslist to see if any used units are available.

Cleaning a porta potty can be a costly endeavor, especially if you are using it for an extended period of time. Some cleaning services charge around $50 per porta potty and the frequency of visits will depend on the number of users and the time of year. In addition, porta potties will need to be cleaned regularly on a daily or weekly basis. Some companies will even provide security guards.

Besides cleaning, you can also look for porta potty rental companies that are local to your area. These companies will be more likely to offer you a great deal, but you might have to pay for their services. If you are renting porta potties for a single event, a local company might be a better option. A national company will have a larger inventory and better scheduling capabilities. However, the convenience of a national chain can result in a higher cost.

Porta potty rental services can save you money in the long run by keeping costs low, even when you are renting them for a long time. One rental can cost around $75-$100 a month, and can save you hundreds of dollars over a single-day rental. This is an excellent price if you will be using a porta potty frequently for a long period of time. In addition, if you have a large event, a weekly rental is likely to save you money.

Another option is to rent a high rise portable restroom. These are similar to standard porta potties, but they feature a lift kit that can be lowered using a crane. These units may include a sink and a hand sanitizer dispenser. You should also be aware of the type of porta potty rental company you’ll be using. If you are renting a high-rise portable restroom, the cost will run from $100 to $200 per day.

The price of renting a high-end porta potty will depend on the type of event you are planning. For example, if you are hosting a large event, the cost of renting three or four units will be more than $800. In addition to the rental price, the company will need to pay for gas to get to and from the location. Because of these costs, porta potty rental prices are likely to vary depending on the size of your event.

In addition to quality and safety, you should also check the warranty of the portable restroom. The average warranty period for new units is 48 months. However, used units will not have the same warranty period. If you are buying a used porta potty, you should ask about its plumbing system. While buying a used porta potty, make sure you choose one that comes with a warranty.

A high-quality, high-end portable restroom is an excellent investment for any event. These restroom trailers include shower stalls, multiple urinals, and beautiful decorative fixtures. Some even include flooring and lighting for a homey experience. While purchasing a used porta potty is a big financial decision, you will be glad you did. They are highly durable and easy to use.

The cost of renting a porta potty is different depending on the type of event. Small events can be affordable if you choose a company with a long-term contract. However, if you need to use one for an extended period, you may end up spending more than you need to. Moreover, you should ask your rental company for a price quote before you make your final decision.