How Much is a Used Porta Potty Worth?

How much is a used porta potty

If you’re looking for used porta potties, you’re probably wondering how much they’re worth. It’s important to keep in mind that rental companies will often charge a deposit when you rent a portable toilet. This fee protects the rental company if you damage the unit. Most rental companies refund the deposit, but you should be aware that there are a number of hidden fees you may have to pay.

The price of used porta potties depends on many factors. The rental company will ask you about the size of the event and how long you plan to use the portable toilets for. These factors will affect how much they charge, and how many you’ll need. Even if you’re planning a small event, you’ll need at least a few portable potties. A larger event may require a larger amount of portable toilets.

Renting a portable restroom for one day can cost up to $150. The cost of weekly rentals can be as low as $200, so they’re a great way to save money. If you’re planning a large event and need several portable toilets, you’ll likely find a rental company that offers cheap and convenient rentals. Generally, you can find porta potties for sale online for as little as $100.

Location of the event is another factor that influences porta-potty prices. Certain regions are more expensive than others, and rental prices in some places are significantly lower than in other areas. In addition to the location of the event, renting a portable restroom will depend on the season. During the warm months, demand for porta potties is high, and local companies may not be able to provide the size that you need. Furthermore, national chains have a large inventory and customer service department. Typically, they can answer all your questions, but the convenience factor is higher than local prices.

When it comes to a portable restroom, you’ll want to know how long it has been in use. You don’t want to end up with a unit that is too old to be worth the money. You’ll also need to consider the type of environment the unit will be used in. If the porta potty is in a hot region, its contents are likely to smell bad. Similarly, if the unit is in a cold climate, the waste will not need to be pumped as often.

In the United States, OSHA regulations dictate that a single seated portable restroom be provided for every fifteen workers. This requirement increases incrementally with each increment of twenty workers. Thus, if you have 150 employees, you’ll need six portable toilets. Often, people will destroy the porta potties, which is why some site managers erect temporary fences and hire security guards to guard their units.

A standard plastic porta potty rental includes toilet paper, a lockable door, and an extra large unit for disabled people. ADA-compliant porta potties cost $200 to $250 per weekend and are 15% to 25% more than standard potties. Luxury porta potty rentals may come with additional features like a sink within the unit, extra space, lighting, and an attendant. Some rental companies even have climate-controlled units and electric lighting in addition to plumbing.

The blue liquid used in porta potties contains biocides, which stop the growth of gram-positive bacteria, which causes foul smells. Biocides also contain surfactants that make fragrances miscible in water. Several states have banned the chemical cocktail used in porta potties in favor of enzymatic ones. However, if you have sensitive skin or an allergy to blue fluid, you should ask about it before using a portable restroom.

In addition to its sanitation benefits, porta potties can increase efficiency and productivity. If a portable toilet is not nearby, workers may be forced to relieve themselves elsewhere on site. This could lead to health problems or even lost work time. Portable toilets can also reduce the amount of breaks that workers take, resulting in higher productivity and lower break times. If you need a portable toilet, consider hiring a company that offers rentals in Florida.

When renting portable toilets, it’s essential to know how many you’ll need. Renting too many can be a waste of money, while renting too few may make your guests wait in long lines. That is not only annoying, it can cause serious problems. To estimate the number of used porta potties you’ll need, consider the crowd size and duration of the event. One portable toilet can accommodate 50 people for up to three hours.