How Much Does a Porta Potty Cost to Buy?

How much does a Porta Potty cost to buy

If you’re wondering how much a Porta Potty costs to buy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the different options available and what you can expect to pay. It’s important to shop around for the best price, but if you can’t afford a brand new unit, you might want to consider renting instead. Many rental companies are willing to deliver and set up the unit for you, and will pick it up and service it after the event.

The price of porta potties depends on several factors, including the geographical location where they are going to be used. Prices can vary considerably from region to region, so renting in expensive regions will increase the price. Delivery and transportation costs can also be higher in expensive areas, so keep this in mind when estimating the cost of a Porta Potty. If you need porta potties frequently, you may be able to save some money by renting them in the off-peak months.

While porta potty prices can vary, the average rental price is around $75-$100. Renting one unit is not uncommon for one day, so a rental for a few days or a week will be less expensive. You can also consider a monthly rental, which is typically between $75-$100 for a standard unit. You can save money in this way no matter your timeline. A longer rental time may require more luxury units.

Purchasing a porta potty can be a significant financial commitment. There are several types of portable restrooms available for purchase, with different pricing options, features, and durability. The most common type is the single-unit portable toilet, which is also the cheapest. It has no sink or flushing ability and a holding tank capacity of 60 gallons. The most popular style is the PJN3 from PolyJohn.

Rental prices often include fees for waste handling, cleaning, and maintenance. Depending on how much you’re renting, there may be extra charges for fuel and additional trips. Some rental companies may charge extra for overtime and if you need the unit sooner than planned, you can opt for the rental service with an expedited delivery. You may also opt for a more environmentally friendly option – solar porta potties.

Prices for a luxury restroom trailer vary, but the price range is generally between $100 and $2,300. For a basic porta potty, you can expect to pay $75 or less per day. Standard porta potties are fairly cheap to build and easy to deliver. Luxury restroom trailers, on the other hand, are a bit more expensive, with higher maintenance costs and towing.

The average cost for a luxury portable restroom ranges from $1200 to $2000 for a single unit and $100 for a gently used unit. ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible models cost more than $1000, and a new mid-range model can cost as much as $15,000. You can also find used trailer models for under $8,000 if you know where to look.

The industry standard warranty on a porta potty is 48 months. Used units, on the other hand, often come with a limited warranty. For this reason, if you purchase a brand new unit, make sure to check the warranty details carefully. Some portable restroom units may not come with a plumbing system warranty. Whether you decide to buy or rent, it’s important to check what’s included in rental pricing.

A standard porta potty costs $125, while a luxurious portable restroom can cost upwards of $3,200. Luxury porta potties, however, are much more expensive, and include a hand sanitizing station, running water, paper towels, and a toilet with a flushing mechanism. A luxury porta potty may cost $875 or more, and you should ask about this before you decide to purchase it.