How Much Does a Fancy Porta Potty Cost?

How much does a fancy porta potty cost

If you’re planning a special event, you may be wondering: How much does a fancy porta potties cost? The answer depends on a few factors. Some companies charge extra for the convenience of hydraulic flushing systems and sanitizer dispensers, while others offer more luxurious options. However, if your event is a massive construction site or a big party, you may want to opt for a more expensive portable bathroom.

Regardless of whether you are renting a single unit or a full-scale restroom trailer, porta potty rental prices can vary widely. Stand-alone units, for example, cost around $300, while luxury trailers are upwards of $4200. If you’re hosting an event for a weekend, you can usually rent a unit for two or three days and have it delivered and picked up on Monday. The cost of a luxury restroom trailer will vary depending on how long you need it for, but you’ll save a significant amount of money.

In addition to the cost of renting a luxury portable restroom, you should also consider the number of guests attending the event. High-end portable restrooms offer amenities like flushing toilets and televisions. For a more basic outdoor experience, you can opt for the standard model. Standard portable washrooms cost anywhere from $125 to $375, but if you need them often, buying your own will save you a lot of money. And, buying a portable toilet can also save you money on maintenance costs.

Porta potty rental fees may include an additional fee for waste-handling and cleaning. Some companies will charge a daily fee and an overtime fee. Other companies may charge an additional fee if they need to provide porta potties for an extended event, such as a natural disaster. You may also have to pay extra for expedited delivery, which is often necessary when a disaster strikes.

The price of renting portable restrooms depends on many factors. The location, the type of rental company, the number of people expected, and the length of the event all influence rental rates. A location will also affect transportation costs, so the farther the porta potty is from the rental company, the higher the cost. If you are not careful, you could end up paying more than necessary. So, make sure you know what you need before you start shopping.

When renting portable toilets, you should always consider how many you need. While it’s tempting to hire too many units, you will only use them for a short time, causing long lines, missed fun, and wasted work time. Consider the expected number of attendees and the length of the event before deciding on the number of units you need. In this way, you can choose a convenient number. You can refer to the chart below for your event. It explains how many units are needed for a 10-hour event, while fifty units would be more affordable for long-term rental contracts.

For weddings, porta potties are a perfect addition to the venue. They are chic and can be the perfect complement to your existing restroom facilities. Depending on the size of the event and the number of people, a fancy porta potty can help make the guest experience more comfortable. For a precise quote, consider the estimated number of people, gender, and total hours for the event.