How Do You Buy a Porta Potty?

How do you buy a Porta Potty

If you’re considering buying a portable restroom for a construction site, party, or event, you’ve likely wondered: “How do I buy a Porta Potty?” While you can find a new unit for a decent price, there are other ways to save money on a used porta potty. Some of the best used equipment sources include Pumper Magazine, Craigslist, and JohnTalk Classifieds.

One of the most popular models is the Aspen porta potty. Its modern design is both stylish and functional, and is available in different colors. To use it, simply pull a handle and pump water onto the solid waste, which is then decanted into a holding tank. Alternatively, you can flush the toilet to get rid of any odors. The Aspen porta potty is one of the top-selling models and can be purchased in a wide range of colors.

A good source is local if possible, since it will help you save on delivery costs. Some rental companies may charge a delivery fee if the location is a long way from their facility. Another option is to rent a porta potty for a long weekend. You may even leave it for the entire weekend, dropping it off on Thursday and picking it up on Tuesday. Regardless of whether or not you plan to use the porta potty for a long-term project, make sure you have the time to service and clean it. Luckily, the market is competitive and there are some reputable sources that can provide the best products and service in the industry.

In New York City, Charlie Howard is the king of porta pottys. His empire is based in Broad Channel, Queens, in the Jamaica Bay area. Howard has over 18,000 toilets throughout New York City, and dozens of trucks cleaning each one. His company boasts a $35 million annual revenue and employs salesgirls in VW Beetles. He shows up to work in a black Cadillac Escalade.

When you rent a portable toilet, you should check to see if it meets ADA regulations. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires that porta potties have handicapped-accessible facilities for people with disabilities. Depending on the city or municipality where you’re renting the portable toilet, the laws may differ from your city. Therefore, you should always check with your provider about specific laws and regulations.

If you’re renting a Porta Potty, ensure you have a clear pathway to the location you want to place the unit. The driver will unload the unit from the truck by means of a mechanical lift. The tailgate is lowered and the straps are removed, allowing the unit to be unloaded from the truck. Once off the truck, the trailer wheels will be lowered for easier maneuverability. Afterwards, the customer can choose whether or not to leave the unit on wheels or place it on the ground level.

The price of a portable restroom rental varies, from around $80 to $350. There are many types of porta potties available, ranging from standard toilets to deluxe washrooms. Different models have different features and are better suited for certain types of events. Typically, a standard porta potty is best for outdoor events, while a deluxe one is better suited for a party or special event. You should consider whether you need a flushable porta potty for the event.

Before purchasing a portable restroom, you should determine how many you’ll need. Buying too many can end up being a waste of money, and renting too few can mean long lines and missed fun and work. Consider how many people you anticipate for an event. A porta potty rental chart can be helpful to help determine the proper number of units you need. The chart below shows the number of porta potties needed for a ten-hour event and how many for an event with fifty attendees.

Once you’ve determined how many people will be using your porta potties, you can decide what amenities you want to provide. For an event that requires large numbers of visitors, consider getting deluxe restrooms. This will help your guests feel more comfortable and avoid potential health hazards. Remember that porta potties are temporary, so you’ll need to clean them afterward. When looking for a rental company, you should also consider the duration of the event. You can choose between deluxe and basic facilities.