How Do I Hide My Porta Potty?

How do I hide my porta potty

Hide your porta potty with creative coverups. Although porta potties cannot be completely hidden, creative coverups can make them less noticeable. Showing only the front part of the enclosure can be effective; use potted plants or flowers to cover up the back. You may also place string lights to create a dramatic effect. Always remember to get approval from the venue before setting up any type of portable restroom.

Decorate your porta potty. Use garden lattice against the wall and large potted plants outside. Add a decorative soap dispenser, scented candles or an oil infuser. Add a flowery touch to the porta potty with removable window decals. Decorative toilet paper in the shape of the bride and groom can be ordered. You can also add a mirror to the door.

If you want to maintain a clean porta potty, you should clean it after every use. The cleaning process can be time-consuming and messy, but it can make the porta potty more hygienic. Clean the tank after each use and dispose of toilet paper properly. You should not throw any trash into the porta potty, as this will only make the mess worse.

Another way to hide porta potties is by decorating them. A tent is a great way to cover up the facilities, and flowers are a great way to replicate a more formal setting. String lights will bring some whimsy to your decor. For a rustic wedding, hay bales can double as seats. In addition to using tents, you can also hide the portable potty by making the restroom accessible.

If you’re a construction site manager, you know that your portable toilet can become the victim of vandalism. You may have even witnessed this happen firsthand. Porta potties can be easily damaged if someone is trespassing in the vicinity. Some site managers choose to erect temporary fencing or hire security guards to keep them safe. No matter how safe and hygienic your portable toilets are, they can still be a source of concern.

Decorative lights can make portable bathrooms feel more inviting. These lights can illuminate the area when needed. Many battery-powered models are available for this purpose. If you want to keep the smell of the porta potty away from your guests, you can put a few drops of essential oils inside the enclosure. This will also help keep the unit smelling fresh. A decorative lamp is another great way to hide your porta potty.

While you may be thinking about buying a portable restroom, it is important to remember that purchasing a porta potty is an important financial decision. It is important to choose a reliable manufacturer for your porta potty. PolyJohn is one of the best sources for high-quality portable restrooms. It offers the best warranty in the industry and excellent customer service. You’ll be glad you made the investment.